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Based in Delémont, in the Swiss Jura, l’Epée 1839 is a swiss Manufacture specializing in the design and production of high-end mechanical clocks – an Art it has been perpetuating for over 180 years. All our timepieces are designed or co-designed, engineered and Manufactured in-house, from the development to the assembly.

The Manufacture is gathering under one roof a broad range of “métiers” and craftsmen. Talented teams of designers, engineers, mechanics and watchmakers are working together to continue l’Epée’s quest of perfection and its engagement to surprise with incredible creations.

The technical prowess, combination of Form and Function, very long power reserves, remarkable finishes mixed with a twist of humor and a huge attention to details have become signature features of the brand.

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Drawing on its heritage, L'Epée 1839 has preserved its know-how over the years, allowing it to create a world that combines modernity and clockmaking traditions. The brand’s constant quest for innovative solutions and its unremitting desire to push back boundaries have enabled it to offer a varied collection of clocks that are both contemporary and extraordinary.


Specializing in horological complications for many years, L'Epée 1839 has built up an excellent reputation around the world. From computer-assisted design to the final technical checks and adjustments, all employees enthusiastically contribute to the creation of L'Epée timepieces. Their mastery of various tools and working methods has enabled the brand to adapt its complications in surprising ways: the transformation of the double retrograde seconds into a “laser cannon” on its Starfleet Machine is a prime example.


L’Epée 1839 is one of the few Manufactures to design, develop and internaly produce its own timepieces. Armed with exceptional expertise, the L’Epée artisans and employees make it their duty to perpetuate the expertise inherent to the production of all its components, and to form partnerships with the best specialists in the artistic crafts whenever these are required for a creation.

All L’Epée 1839 products bear the highly coveted “Swiss Made” label and are, for the most part, conform to all the new regulations associated with this label. They strive to maintain a continuously high level of excellence in order to meet the quality standards exacted by the brand’s clientele of collectors and enthusiasts.


The Manufacture’s entire team is committed to satisfying its customers, and turning the dreams and wishes of these clock enthusiasts into reality. Passing on the brand’s history and communicating its values through close customer relations is a priority.